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The ponderings of one Christ-following mom on raising preschoolers

Kicking off March 6, 2009

Filed under: Blogging — Susan @ Christian Mothering @ 12:05 am

For about six months, since our son came within a few months of his third birthday, I’ve found parenting to be completely engrossing  from a mental and spiritual standpoint. The full impact of what it means to raise a small human being and – more – to bring him up in the knowledge and fear of the Lord really hit me.  Since then I’ve been reading and praying, listening and pondering a whole lot.

I’m new to the blogging scene and follow several compelling, uplifting blogs by Christian moms of preschoolers that are helpful and instructive to me.  And as I’ve begun poking around the blogosphere, I’ve grappled with whether or not the world can possibly benefit from another blog, even one on a topic I find critically important – Christ-centered parenting.  But after praying it through, I’ve decided to kick this off and see what God may have.  Perhaps the main value in it will be for me – in having space to reflect and process things God’s revealing to me.  So we’ll just see how things unfold.

Here’s the “about” page I just wrote on this blog and its point (wish there was a way I could get it posted permanently here on the home page, but alas, there seems not to be):

I’ve only been at this mothering thing a few years – three and a quarter, to be exact – and there are many moms whose experience and insights exceed mine. Still, I’m finding that the reflecting that mothering calls out in me is ample, and I seek space – mental and verbal – to unpack it all.  I often think of Mary’s “treasuring and pondering” recorded in Luke 2:19 and lately realized that the verse coincides with the start of her mothering journey.  My goal in this space is to record my own parental ponderings as I seek to mother my children to the glory of Christ her son, my Lord.  May other mothers who love and serve Him find camaraderie and encouragement here.


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