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Mama’s smile May 30, 2009

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kle0247Kendra over at Preschoolers and Peace recently did a series of posts called “Drowning in Home Management” in which she advised moms to create what she called a “Rock List” of five daily non-negotiable activities…  The idea being to set realistic expectations for daily household activities, ensure focus on top priorities, and keep from becoming overwhelmed.   Before sharing her own list, she invited her readers to post a comment with the five activities they identified for themselves after reflection and prayer.

The big takeaway for me was one of the items that a reader, Rachel, submitted in response to the post .  Number three on her list of five daily non-negotiable items was this: “Smiling every time one of my children approaches me.”

Wow. How equally convicting and inspiring is that?   Not just that Rachel wants to do it, but that she is actually setting it as one of her top-five priorities for every day.  Making it a goal; no doubt praying over it and exerting effort to making it happen on a regular basis.  Simple yet profound.

It reminds me of the blessing the Lord gave to Aaron and the line of priests to speak over the Israelites: “The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you” (Num 6:25).  A warm, shining face.  Amazingly, we have a God whose countenance towards us is a smiling one.  Regardless of our behavior, our mood, our sin – his love for us is continually there.  We can always find a smile from him when we seek one.

And this is to be our countenance toward our children – a face of delight, of pleasure, of warmth.  We get to display the unconditional and delight-filled love of God – the love he freely and liberally showers on all of us – to our children.  Day in and day out.  We get to be the primary vehicle of God’s tangible grace and ceaseless love in the lives of our kids…  evidenced by our faces, our smiles.

“Every time one of my children approaches me.”  Really?  Every time?  What would it look like, I wonder, if all of us moms took this call more seriously?  What if I did?


5 Responses to “Mama’s smile”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Wow. The goal is an inspiring one, and one that convicts me as well. I’ll have to be more aware of it, and try it myself this week. I would love if there was an update on this (will you be trying this?) just to see how doable it is and how it affects our environment, relationships, mood, etc. I’ve heard the tip before that whenever possible to drop whatever you’re doing and always look your children in the eye when they approach and give them your full attention. I’ve tried it before but never made it a goal so it’s never been wholehearted and consistent. I think I’ve got a couple new goals this week…

  2. I missed that post– and I love your highlighting this. I prayed (reallyreally quick, as we say) about a top five and felt like dropping them in a comment here, since the other post’s so old ;o).

    Basically I looked at what I’m already doing that gives me a sense of “I’m getting this right” and the days when I feel most faithful/obedient, and came up with this:
    1. Bible time
    a. Reading
    b. Memorization
    c. Prayer (throughout the day)
    2. Meals (ready before we’re starving)
    3. Read to children
    4. Sing with children
    5. Write

  3. heartpondering Says:

    Thanks, Crystal and Amy Jane, for your comments.

    Good for you, Amy, for coming up with your 5! I’ve had months now and ample reflection time and haven’t done up my own list yet. Shame on me, I know…

    Likewise Crystal – way to be accountability-oriented on your question about if I’ll try it. Sure! I’ll try it if you will. 🙂 Do you want to give it a go through the weekend (6 days) and then compare notes?

    • Crystal Says:

      Sounds good! I have a feeling I’m actually going to need to write it down though (don’t they say that makes it 70% more likely to be followed through on?) as “out of sight, out of mind” is too frequently my MO these days. Thanks for the challenge! We will reconvene next week… 🙂

  4. Lynn Says:

    I agree with you…\”simple and profound.\” Seems that often the simplest things-keeping our children close, smiling, delighting in them–are the ones that really tie those strings and help us to keep their hearts.

    I really like your blog!!

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