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Honor vs. whining June 6, 2009

Filed under: Behaviors,Books,Communication and speech,Parenting — Susan @ Christian Mothering @ 9:45 pm

honorcdMy latest post for the Christianity Today women’s leadership website I write for, Gifted for Leadership, just came out.  Called “Leading in a Complaining Culture,” its impetus is taken from a topic that all of us moms are abundantly familiar with: whining.   A complaining spirits evidenced in spoken communication – happening today in a household near you!  Or perhaps in your very own (certainly in mine).

My friend Jo Ella spurred the thinking behind the post, and her thoughts came partially from her review of a book called Say Good-Bye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes: in You and Your KidsIt discusses honor as a central component of parenting and asserts that it can be used as an agent to transform relationships among family members.  One review says:

“Honor is more than just behavior change. Honor comes from the heart. It affects the way people think, the way they act, and the way they treat others around them. Honor motivates parents to treat children differently. It gives children more constructive ways to interact with their parents. It helps siblings develop tolerance and patience. Honor builds incredibly strong bonds that, in turn, benefit all members of the family. This book shows you in practical ways how honor can transform your family.”

Sounds pretty interesting and potentially useful…  If and when I get my hands on it, I’ll post a review!


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