Heart Pondering

The ponderings of one Christ-following mom on raising preschoolers

Quick note… September 8, 2009

Filed under: For moms — Susan @ Christian Mothering @ 4:05 am

I got a laptop virus and had to wipe and rebuild my hard drive last week.  Great way to spend eight hours when you’re juggling new life with a newborn and deprived of sleep, huh?  Tell me about it. Now if only I could get my music and photos effectively loaded onto my laptop, I’d be back in action…

I’m amazed by the tenderness one feels for a newborn.  It wells up and spills out all over her – this tiny new, defenseless life that needs protection and nurturing.  If only, I’ve been thinking, I could bottle this feeling and pull it out to dole out in great measure to my 2-year old and nearly 4-year old.  If only the primary emotions I could feel when relating to them would be nurture, adoration, a heartswell of mother love and protective instincts.  Alas, they are not… as I’ve observed increasingly in recent days.  But I need to pray for an upswell of them!


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