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Mary: mother and leader December 9, 2009

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Today I’m blogging over at Christinianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership about blogging.  (A little circular, I know.)  I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary this year: about her motherhood “heart pondering” in Lk 2:1;  about the effects her pregnancy with Jesus may have had on her body; about how she may have felt about the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth.  Now I’m wondering if Mary, if she were around today, would blog. (The post is called “What Would Mary Blog?”)

I’m wondering this because I look around and see that many of today’s influential women blog; among these women, many are mothers.  Their words have encouraged and inspired thousands of other moms, including me.  Some of these women I even view as virtual mentors, “e-mentors” if you will (like Andrea of Flourishing Mother, Mary of Owl Haven, and Renee of Steppin’ Heavenward, to name a  few). 

But other influential, godly women I’ve loved have stopped blogging [Amy of Clothesline Alley,  Terry of Breathing Grace, Jess of Making Home, temporarily].  Why?  Mainly because the process and platform of blogging can be complicated in many ways.  It can be, among other things, self-focused, controversy-stirring, insecurity-causing, time-sucking.  In short, it can be messy.  And God called these women away.  The blogosphere, as many aspects of today’s techonology, is a source of blessing but also a place to be carefully and prayerfully navigated.  This is something I’ve realized and sought to pray into since the earliest days of heartpondering.

Mary, a fellow mother, was one of the most profoundly influential women leaders the world has ever known – if not the most influential.  And yet, as far as I can tell, she never sought a platform.  She never sought the limelight; she never went after a soapbox.  She led quietly and humbly.  Can we blog in the same godly and servant-oriented way that Mary led?  Can I?

That’s my challenge with each post I pen… and by God’s grace,  I hope to, for as long as He may wish it.


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