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A mother’s celebration February 6, 2010

Filed under: Holidays,Prayer,The heart — Susan @ Christian Mothering @ 4:34 am

It’s 5:15 Friday and pouring rain at the end of a wearying week. Your husband calls to say he’ll be home late.

Has he ordered the dinner you’d discussed?  Whoops, no… But he will.  Tack on another 15 minutes.

The kids, housebound all day, weary of Leggos; the bickering begins. The baby wakes crying. On goes the TV… hate doing that at 5:30, but today it’s a must.

When Dad walks in at 6:05, he missed your message and hasn’t picked up the mail. As you’re feeding the baby, your potty-training toddler wets herself for the second time in an hour. You plunk next to her on the potty, coaxing her to go.

It’s 45 minutes past normal dinner time. The kids are excited but overtired; the table’s not set. The cupcakes, waiting for assistance from Daddy, haven’t been iced. The infernal sink is again cluttered with bottles and sippy cups.

At dinner your daughter spills her milk on the floor and refuses, in typical fashion, to eat. Plates cleared, you find cocoa for the frosting detail while you clean the kitchen for the fifteenth time.  Where are the candles Mom? 

The table still smeared with chocolate, your son bonks his elbow and starts to cry.  You duck into the stairway as tears prick your own eyes. Thank you Jesus for my children, for the gifts they are to me. Thank you for my husband who’s exhausted and trying his best.

Make the prayer enough, God; change my heart. “It’s better to serve than to be served.” Make it real Lord… Convert it from theory to truth.  Give me thankfulness.

O God, whose own Birthday was humility incarnate, sanctify me today. What better gift could You give than using today to make me more like You?


One Response to “A mother’s celebration”

  1. Sandi Says:

    You captured the reality so well. Except yesterday I didn’t sneak away to pray….I lost it. :o(

    Yet I know even that is for his purpose. This morning in bible time as we were sharing if there was any sin to confess my son pipes up. “Mom, you sure need to ask forgivness for how mad you got yesterday”?. Though I do wish I never lost my cool this lead into another moment of seeing our need for a savior and a great discussion on grace

    I was so encouraged that he was getting that we don’t only need to ask forgiveness of the person sinned against but God too.

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