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Blogging on blogging February 8, 2010

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Lately I’ve been kicking around some thoughts about my involvement in the blogging world. I’ve been reading blogs regularly since late 2008 and blogging here for almost a year; the blogosphere has been a gift to me  and my family in many ways. Today I have the honor of being the featured mama for “Mama Monday” over at the Flourishing Mother  (one of my favorite blogs), so I thought I’d jot some blog-related thoughts here.  Current top 7 thoughts on blogging:

1. I read blogs for vision, inspiration, and practical ideas in life and mothering.  The bloggers I follow lift my eyes from myself, speak into my heart, and foster thankfulness in me.  Several bloggers (Andrea of the Flourishing Mother is one) feel like e-mentors to me. If I run into a parenting challenge or seek inspiration, I’ll search these mamas’ blogs to gain perspective and/or wisdom.

2. My Google reader is my friend and makes following blogs easier and less overwhelming. I don’t read blogs any other way.

3. I choose blogs carefully and don’t follow too many.  When I find a blog I think I like, I add it to my reader with a ‘trial’ mindset and follow it for a few weeks.  If I find myself unenthusiastic about reading new posts, I unsubscribe. No guilt!  Time is precious. I try to choose wisely, and I even pray through which blogs I should follow.  

4. I almost never follow blogs that post daily. It’s too much content for me and works against my efforts to discipline myself in time online.

5. I aim to limit my blog reading to two to three times per week for no longer than 20 ish minutes at a time.  More than that and I find that I a) feel overwhelmed, b) get addicted, and/or c) see a spike in feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or e-jealousy (or any combination of those three!).

6. Akin to #5, my mantra is “books more than blogs.” Blogs are helpful and important to my life, but books – their weight, their permanence , the quiet they speak through their pages – are more important. I try to make sure that my time goes first to books (with the Bible of course being the most important).

7.  Before I write a post, I avoid reading others’ blogs and pray through my topic and thoughts, that I would honor God and He’d use the time and effort to bless me (and others as He chooses).  I’m learning to give over the words, their reach, and “what happens to them afterwards” to Him. 

Any blog-related guidelines you follow? Related thoughts? I’d love to hear them.


2 Responses to “Blogging on blogging”

  1. Trudy Says:

    I never thought to have blogging goals (or boundaries) but this is a great idea. I love the goal of reading books more than blogs. They can become addictive but they have added a lot of encouragement especially as a mother.

  2. Sandi Says:

    Made my way here via Andrea. Very much enjoyed this post. Glad to hear there are those who appreciate non daily posts. I post when it works for me. I love your approach to blogging. I have several freinds who feel the need to maintain their blogs and that’s just not me. I love to write, to read and remember. That’s why I blog. I love your book vs blog thoughts too. Right there with ya.

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