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The ponderings of one Christ-following mom on raising preschoolers

Defiance: getting in the game March 12, 2010

Filed under: Authority & obedience,Books,Correction — Susan @ Christian Mothering @ 5:00 am

Our sweet, delightful, blossoming two-year old is coming into her own in terms of knowing what she wants and demonstrating intense commitment toward getting it.  Her intensely stubborn streak is one thing I love her for, but the defiance it calls out prompts a dance that she and I go through together daily – sometimes many times a day.  The dance of will.

Yesterday I was reflecting on this comment made by James Dobson in the Strong-Willed Child:

“Many kids are able to win the contest of wills because they devote their primary effort to the game, while we grown-ups play only when we must.” 

Well said. So easy for us busy moms to get sucked into a thousand other things that keep us from “playing” with focus and intentionality – to the detriment of our child’s character development and our own sanity! Back then, as often as is needed, to consistency and timefulness in addressing defiance wherever it rears its head – a renewed commitment that I will not be outmatched in this game!


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