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Remember when I was fun? August 7, 2010

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Last month for our eleventh anniversary, my husband and I went out to a comedy club. It was a great night, and as I sat with a drink among hip club-goers, laughing uproariously with my husband, a wistful feeling washed over me. “Remember how I used to be fun?” I asked my husband. Because it’s true, I have been a fun girl in my day.  I’m pretty loud and extroverted and I have a decent sense of humor; those traits can contribute to a fun time if the circumstances and group of people are right.  I can be a kick-my-heels-back kind of girl.

Not quite so much anymore though; much less kicking-back-heels now than in bygone eras.  I was thinking: what happened to that girl anyway?  “You’re still fun,” my husband replied, “but you go into business-mode more now than you used to.”  I appreciated the honesty… kind of.  He’s right though.  It’s all too easy for life with three needy preschoolers, a household to run, and some work to squeeze in to to turn into a ‘getter-done’ state of affairs.  I don’t mean for it to become bullet-point-ish… It just happens  Dinner; check. Clean-up; check. Baths (every second or third night); check. Bedtime routine; check.  Mandatory tasks call, and it’s hard for the mom at the helm to get into ‘fun’ mode in the midst of all that.  At least for this mom.  Who has the time (or energy)? (more…)