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Kids and TV September 22, 2010

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Doctor’s offices have TV’s in their waiting rooms now, have you noticed?  Just one more place to encounter the pervasive talking heads. This week I took my 3- and almost-5-year-olds for dental check-ups, and the Cartoon Network was on as we awaited our appointment. We were the only ones there, and in my previous (kid-less) visits the channel was always the Food Network.  The receptionist confirmed that she’d put Cartoon Network on for us, and she obliged me by switching to another channel since the programming on the Cartoon Network is rough for preschoolers. When she didn’t find my requested PBS, and because I declined Nickelodeon and Disney Channel as well, I suggested returning to the Food Network. When it came on my son said, “Mom! What are we going to do now?”  I said, “The same thing we always do when we’re waiting for something.  Talk, sit quietly, or look at books.”



Laying off the diagnostics September 11, 2010

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We returned last week from 23 days in the northeast, visiting our family.  It was a fun, busy, at times chaotic trip that was every bit worth the effort (a decent amount, actually, since I was single-parenting for 2/3 of the time).

On the final day, I took my children to visit my 90-year old grandmother at the retirement home where she lives near my parents’ house.  I had visited her several times in the prior weeks but not with all three kids.  They were rowdy and boisterous, zipping around the lobby seating area where we were visiting.  The older two didn’t listen well.  I felt like a mother who has not taken time and effort to train her children.

Afterwards I began an internal post-visit assessment of the situation, and mentally unpacking my response to my kids’ handling of themselves during the visit.   (more…)