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Some initial thoughts on homeschooling October 7, 2010

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Last February we pulled our son out of preschool because things suddenly started to go very poorly.  Since that time my husband and I have been discussing education, schools, and homeschooling a great deal.  A lot of prayer, reading, and a July visit to the annual Christian Home Education Assoc (CHEA) conference went into the mix too.  This fall we are keeping both our son and our daughter home from preschool and doing some homeschool preschool activities.

Family friends of ours, Russ and Rea Berg, are the founders of Beautiful Feet Books, an organization that publishes and distributes top-quality children’s books with a particular focus on history through literature.  Some of you may be familiar with the D’Aulaire books; this family was basically single-handedly responsible for bringing those books back into publication and circulation.  The Bergs have four grown children and two adopted high school-age children, and they are a blessing and an inspiration to my husband and me.

I heard Rea speak at the CHEA conference and she was fabulous.  I wrote a post for her blog today about our foray into homeschooling this year – something of an experiment, especially since our children are not actually school-age yet.  Click on over there if you’re interested in learning more about what I’m thinking, and what the kids and I are doing.


3 Responses to “Some initial thoughts on homeschooling”

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of homepreschooling! We homepreschooled all 4 of our children–those years were some of my favorites. We’re starting our 18th year of homeschooling now, and while it isn’t always easy, it it always worth it. We love the homeschool lifestlye.
    You and your readers might enjoy my blog about homepreschool/homeschool at http://www.susanlemons.wordpress.com . I hope you’ll visit me there.
    Blessings on your homeschool journey!
    Susan Lemons
    Author, Homepreschool and Beyond
    PS BTW–we hail from CA, too!

  2. Sarae Martin Says:

    One series of books that may be of interest to you is the Core Knowledge Series (they have pre-K-8th grade). These books each include knowledge that a kindergartner should know; knowledge a 1st grader should know etc. We use them to supplement public school with added teaching. There is much in there that makes me go, “Oh yeah, I should probably teach that.”
    I picked up the preschool book and workbooks and have been working through them with my little ones and the knowledge they are gaining is AWESOME! Might be a tool to help you develop your curriculum. (Recommended by my educator MOM! again!)

  3. My husband and I began looking into homeschooling when our oldest was only 3. We went to conventions and seminars together and it was such a blessing because it gave us time to research and come together thinking, talking and developing a shared vision. That was 18 years ago and our oldest just recently turned 21.

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