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The ponderings of one Christ-following mom on raising preschoolers

Thanksgiving prayer November 25, 2010

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For the life you’ve given with all its joys and gifts, for my blessed, God-given portion and cup, I thank Thee, Lord.

For a loving husband who fathers his children so well and tenderly, I thank Thee Lord.

For three ruddy children, the life and joy they bring to our home each day, I thank Thee Lord.

For a sweet babe kicking in my womb, this new life You’ve created who’s yet to be born, I thank Thee Lord.

For work to do and strength and health to do it each day, I thank Thee Lord.

For hearth and food, clothes and books – the abundance of our daily blessings – I thank Thee Lord.

For a pondering heart and a ready writer’s hand and pen, I thank Thee Lord.

Most and best: for Jesus Christ, the Sun shining on each day without Whom all would be lost, I thank Thee Lord.


Joyful vs. joyless mothering: intentional joy November 23, 2010

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My longest-standing client, a guy I’ve worked with for a decade and consider a friend, has this thing about threes.  If you’re going to create a list of points, there have to be three items – kind of like a three-point sermon.  He’s never content if we only come up with two, and even four he doesn’t love. It’s funny… yet it always rings in my head.

Joyful mothering doesn’t boil down to three concepts, not by a long shot. I have a feeling I’m going to be pondering and re-pondering this concept for years, even decades, and there will always be more to learn. Nevertheless, I’ll leave this little series at three posts, at least for now, and move onto other things.

This week is Thanksgiving, and thanksgiving and joy are kindred cousins.  A heart that bubbles over with authentic thanksgiving cannot help but be a joyful heart.  Where there is gratitude and thankfulness, there is joy.  And just as thanksgiving is an intentional act, something we choose to do, so I think is joy. (more…)


Joyful vs. joyless mothering: a relentless fight November 18, 2010

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John Piper has an article – a list really – called “How Shall we Fight for Joy?“.  The whole list is good, but I particularly like the first two entries: 1) Realize that authentic joy in God is a gift. 2) Realize that joy must be fought for relentlessly.

We can’t manufacture true joy because it’s a gift that only God can give; we can’t make ourselves feel joyful.  But we can work hard to create the conditions that will facilitate God’s gift of joy in our life… and we must.  We must “fight relentlessly” for joy; I love that expression.

It’s our job to steward our own joyfulness. God’s gift of joy is for all believers, and He’ll give it to us as we ask him for it. But are we collaborating with him?  Are we creating the conditions in our life (like sufficient sleep, exercise, nutritious food, time with God and our spouse, friendship, Sabbath, recreation) that will help usher in his gift of joy?  Will we receive His joy?  Our do our souls, from lack of stewardship, have a figurative “mailbox full; please try again later” message that meets God whenever he tries to bestow the gift? (more…)


Joyful vs. joyless mothering: knowing ourselves November 14, 2010

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the joyful mother vs. the joyless mother.  I’ve started several posts but I can’t seem to sort out my thoughts coherently.  Or more accurately, there are too many components to the topic and they all get jumbled into a muddy mess.

So here I’m biting off  a smaller chunk: the need to know yourself and your tendencies as you mother.  A decent amount of press is giving to the importance of understanding your kids… studying them; knowing their love language; figuring out what makes them tick. And this is vitally important. But it’s just as important to pay sufficient attention to ourselves, our tendencies and needs, our energy level, and the state of our own souls as we mother. To know ourselves. (more…)