Heart Pondering

The ponderings of one Christ-following mom on raising preschoolers

About March 5, 2009

Motherhood is a thing that wants to be pondered. The bearing of beings, the teaching of lessons, the shaping of souls… It’s truly one of life’s most humbling and amazing journeys. When Mary first learned that she would soon be bringing a child into the world, her response (no doubt among others) was to treasure and ponder the news… And my guess is that Mary continued to treasure and ponder her mothering role and her children from then on. This blog captures some of my ponderings as I seek to mother my young children to the glory of Christ, her son and my Lord. My prayer is that other mothers who likewise serve and love Him will find camaraderie and encouragement here.

When I started this blog in March 2009, I had two children under four. Today I have four children under six – one boy followed by three girls, gifts all. And the journey grows in beauty and wonder every day.

With joy and thanksgiving, Susan

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